Jetboil Flash vs MiniMo

Jetboil has been bringing speed to the game of water boiling for years now and is often seen in front of the most serious and experienced backpackers. These lightweight systems get water going quick at the end of a long day hiking or when you need your coffee before anything else in the morning. The Jetboil Flash and the Jetboil MiniMo are two great options to bring with you on the trail, the only difficult option is deciding which one of the two to purchase before heading out.

Both the Flash and the MiniMo have been around for a few years and have been put up against the harshest of all tests. Now, we will put them up against each other and see which one comes out on top.

Quick Summary

Jetboil Flash

The Jetboil Flash takes the Jetboil back down to all of its basics. It is an incredibly efficient, no-fluff, stove that gets water going quickly and lets you know before it boils over. This one-liter insulated pot and integrated canister stove is the simple go-to option when looking for a generic system.

Jetboil MiniMo

The MiniMo takes all the features from Jetboil’s original stoves and adds in a lot of helpful features that make your like on the trail a bit easier. It uses a wider base and better temperature control to make this an actual cooking stove rather than Jetboil’s normal jet flame boil system. It is incredibly light and efficient, making it a great option for those on the go.

 Jetboil FlashJetboil MiniMo
Fuel Efficiency10 liters/100 grams fuel12 liters/100 grams fuel
Weight and Packability12.3 ounces12.2 ounces
Ease of UseAdvanced ignition systemFlame control for easier cooking potential
Flame ControlMade to boil water, and that’s about itUses wider system to help improve cooking capabilities and flame control
ValueGreat, near top of the marketBest value for integrated canister stoves

Detailed Review

These two stoves are high-quality products that both perform well in a range of conditions. They have huge differences in their varying features, which need to all be considered before purchasing. Just like all products, it’s important to know what you are wanting to get out of the stove before making that purchase. If you are just looking for something that will get you coffee or tea as soon as you sit up your decision will be different than when you are looking for something to make a meal on. Contemplate your needs, then move into the detailed review here to help make that choice.

Fuel Efficiency

The Jetboil Flash has two different features that help maximize its fuel efficiency to a great level. The insulated pot help to hold in the heat that the flame is putting into it, rather than letting it out through a thin metal layer. In addition to the insulation, the large flame logo on the side is a temperature indicator. This lets you know when the water is close to boiling and will help you turn the stove off before it has been boiling for minutes and you simply never noticed.

The MiniMo boasts an impressive ability to boil 12 liters of water with just 100 grams of fuel. This is one of the highest fuel efficiencies on the market and gives this stove a leg up on the competition. The insulated container and temperature control help to maintain the temperature that you are looking for and use less fuel.

Winner: The MiniMo is potentially the most fuel-efficient integrated canister stove on the market. The insulated pot and flame control gives the user a huge amount of control to help keep the fuel usage down to a minimum. It will also need to be sheltered in windier conditions, but overall has tested to be the top of its class in fuel efficiency.

Weight and Packability

The Flash has a full weight of 12.3 ounces, which is incredible when put up against stoves that require a heavy pot to be brought along. There is an additional 1.2 ounce optional accessory cup, if you choose to bring it with. The lightweight design is part of what makes Jetboil products so incredible for the trail.

The MiniMo is a mere .1 ounces lighter than the Flash at 12.2 ounces. It is the second lightest integrated canister stove on the market, which is heavier than all the small canister stoves. Again, the accessory cup and the plastic stabilizers for the fuel canister will add a small amount of weight, but are optional.

Winner: The MiniMo takes this category by a meager .1 ounces. It’s not a huge victory as most of the Jetboil products are stunningly lightweight. This is one of the huge reasons many will seek them out. There is no heavy pot to bring along and everything you need is right there. The pots on both the Flash and the MiniMo function as insulated mugs as soon as you take them off the fire.

Ease of Use

The Flash makes boiling water simple with its long and deep design. The cozy with the temperature indicator makes this system easier to use than other integrated canister stoves, as most who have used them have experienced the issues of boiling over. Jetboil boasts that the Flash uses an advanced ignition system that has worked out the flaws of the past. It lights quickly with ease and is the best bet to not boil over.

The Jetboil MiniMo’s shape and temperature control makes it much easier to use than most other integrated canister stoves. It locks perfectly with the canister and there is no fear of the two separating even when pouring water from the pot while connected. Its wider and squatter shape means you don’t have to dig deep to get to any food that you cooked or had to buy an extra long spoon. The temperature control means you can safely cook simple meals and not only boil water.

Winner: When it comes to the ease of use, both the Flash and MiniMo are easy to use. If you are wanting to cook food in your Jetboil, the MiniMo is easier to use, but if it’s just boiling water that you are after, the Flash may be easier. That is why, in this category it is a draw. Too many use factors go into this, but simultaneously, bother of these stoves are incredibly easy to use.

Boil Time

The Jetboil Flash does what it does well. It boils one liter of water in just over four minutes in no wind conditions. The wind does have a huge effect on this however, with 2-4mph winds adding a whole minute to the boil time. A windbreak will be necessary to continue getting the optimal performance from the Flash.

The MiniMo also boasts a one-liter boil time of just over four minutes. It joins the Flash in being one of the fastest stoves on the market today. Again, the windy conditions do have a huge effect on the MiniMo but can easily be reduced by finding a solid windbreak.

Winner: In most tests, these two stoves are mere seconds apart. Jetboil designs stoves to boil water quickly. It’s in the name. The Flash and MiniMo are not the exceptions. They both are equal in this category as well, but stand far above the rest when being compared to most other stoves.

Flame Control

The Jetboil Flash is really only designed for boiling water. It does so incredibly well and quickly, but lacks the ability to regulate the level of the flame. This means that even cooking pasta inside of it is difficult and will most likely lead to boiling over. It is best for hot drinks and getting the hot water necessary for instant meals such as oatmeal or everyone’s favorite, Ramen.

The MiniMo on the otherhand has been developed to have a much greater simmering ability. The wider design and the wider FluxRing heat exchanger both contribute to making this one of the few integrated canister stoves capable of controlling their massive heat output to a lower, cookable range. It isn’t going to work to create gourmet meals, but will hold its own when making pasta or dehydrated beans.

Winner: The MiniMo is made to have some kind of control over its flame. It isn’t much, but it is a whole lot better than the Flash or other Jetboil stoves. If big meal cooking is your game in the backcountry, a liquid fuel stove is going to be suited more to your needs. The MiniMo will give a bit of extra versatility on top of its impressive boil time.


All Jetboils are an investment, but the Flash is incredibly worth it. The value of this stove is high as its performance is impressive and is one of the top integrated canister stoves out there. If you prefer to eat simply while doing some heavy duty backpacking, the Flash saves weight and fuel to help lighten the load.

The MiniMo’s pricetag is set a bit higher than the Flash’s as it is made to be more versatile and cover more needs. The value of the stove itself is great overall. It is one of the best options for integrated canister stoves, and comes along with the ability to do a bit of simple cooking out there.

Winner: For us, the MiniMo’s value is slightly better than the Flash. You pay more, but you get more in return. For those that like to do simple cooking while camping, it is a great option although it carries a higher pricetag. It is a versatile, lightweight, and incredibly efficient stove.


Jetboil has been at the top of the game for so long, it is hard to truly go wrong with any purchase of their products. When you are looking at both the Flash and the MiniMo, it would be impossible to advise you against buying either of them. They have such impressive abilities to boil water quickly while saving on fuel which can be inherent to your happiness out on the trail. With either of these in your pack, you’re guaranteed to be able to warm up with a hot drink and meal at the end of the day.

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