Best Tent for Rain

Tents come in different shapes and sizes. They are also available for various purposes. Like, there is a separate tent for different seasons as well as weather conditions.

All rain tents are not the same. You need to make your choice carefully to get the best bang of your buck! In this guide, I’m going to shed some light on some of my favorite picks on the market.

So read on to find out what makes them the best!

Quick Summary

  • The overall best tent for rain is the Coleman Sundome. It is available in four different sizes and is made of 75D flysheet (polyester taffeta) to provide excellent waterproofing. IT is the best premium quality tent for rain.
  • The Wakeman Dome is suitable for two persons and is the best option for you to consider if you are looking for a lightweight tent for hiking and backpacking. And it fits most budgets as well.
  • Looking for an 8-person tent, then the Wenzel Klondike is a great choice. It features a large screen room and has a fiberglass roof with steel poles.
  • The Core Extended Dome is another 9-person tent with waterproofing technology with PU-coated fabric that is seamed and taped to keep the moisture out.

Who Should Get This?

Don’t forget to carry a waterproof tent when you’re going to hike through a terrain where rain is expected. If you are out there sleeping in the open with just your tent as a shelter, sleeping in cold and damp conditions can be very uncomfortable. However, having a rain tent can make your night easy.

Although tents are meant to give you protection against water, it should have proper ventilation. If 3-4 persons are breathing in a tent, then it could lead to inadequate condensation. But the best tent for rain has specific ventilation points through which you can breathe easily.

Best Tent for Rain: What to Consider?

Space, size, and design

Tents come in different shapes and sizes. There are various shapes from domes to cabins, and you can choose the size from 1 person to 10 or even 12 person tents as well. You need to decide how many people are going with you on your trip. You also need to think about any extra space for storing the gear.

Breathability and ventilation

The materials used in the construction of a tent need to be highly breathable. It will ensure that you and your mates feel comfortable spending time in a tent. There needs to be windows and doors that you can open for ventilation. It will keep any condensation out of your tent, and the entire space will remain warm and comfortable for you and your companions to enjoy.

Weather and waterproofing

Your tent needs to have all enforcements in place to keep the water off from the surface of the tent. Some tents come with double seaming to prevent water entry; while others go for higher denier fabric rating. If your tent comes with a rainfly, it will be a good option for you. There are waterproofing sprays also available on the market that you can use on synthetic tents to keep water off from the surface.

Best Tent for Rain: Our Picks

1. Coleman Sundome

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Coleman Sundome is by far the best tent for rain that you can find on the market. And it comes in different sizes as well, ranging from 2 to 6 persons. Coleman has used Polyester taffeta material for the construction of this tent, and it also features a 75D flysheet to fend off the rain. Coleman has welded all the corners and has inverted the seams for best weather protection.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Welded corners.
  • Tested for rain and wind.
  • Premium quality.

What We Don’t Like:

  • No footprint.

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2. Wakeman Dome

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If you are tight on budget, Wakeman Dome rain tent is the right choice for you. The durable nylon material in the construction makes it a reliable shelter to stay dry throughout a rainy day. Moreover, it packs up small, so you can easily carry it in your backpack. The zippers won’t rip on you or let in any rain or bugs. Here’s the best part. This tent is the quickest to be set up and taken down every morning and morning.

What We Like:

  • Affordable.
  • Excellent for hiking and backpacking.
  • Highly breathable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The door or window is only on one side.

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3. Wenzel Klondike

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If you are looking for a large-sized tent designed for eight persons, then this is the right choice for you. It comes with a large screen room as well that you can use to store your gear and use it under the rain to enjoy the views. It has mesh room vents and a shock-corded roof made of fiberglass.

What We Like:

  • Robust design.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Removable fly (seam-sealed).

What We Don’t Like:

  • Large and bulky.

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4. Core Extended Dome

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It is another one of the larger tents that you can use in the rain, but it doesn’t come with a screen room. It is a good option for ventilation because it has doors and windows on both sides. There are storage pockets inside as well. The tent comes with water blocking technology and has an adjustable ground vent.

What We Like:

  • Large size with doors and both sides.
  • Good fabric quality.
  • All tent accessories included.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The storage bag is a bit too tight.

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Useful Tips and Resources

When choosing a tent, make sure that you go for the right kind of waterproofing to make sure that the water stays away. You can also improve on waterproofing with those sprays if you have synthetic tents. Also, when going for the size and height, go for the roof that is high from the center and the edges as well. It will allow you to have more headspace.

Another useful feature that you need to consider is that the tent needs to come with a footprint. It will make sure that water doesn’t come in from the ground. There are times when the ground is wet as well, and this can be bad news for you and all your gear. With a footprint, you can prevent all this.

Final Words

Not many people care much about the materials that they consider for rain tents. They only go for the term “waterproof” and seal the deal. Mere waterproof materials are not going to do much in a heavy downpour. Your tent needs to have a proper seam system, rainfly, and excellent quality materials to keep the rain off.

If you pay a little more attention to what you are buying, I guarantee that you will end up buying a tent that will not make you regret your decision. And don’t forget about the footprint!

So which of these rain tents have you tried before? Do you think denier rating matter or a decent seam system with rain fly shall produce the results? Let us know!

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  1. This article is amazing. I was actually looking for a tent as we are planning to go ona hike trip. I will Wenzel Klondike as it fulfills my requirements. Thanks for sharing this article.


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