Best Instant Tent for Camping in 2021

This is a review of best instant tent for camping.

Tents can take a hour to set up, while setting up instant tent usually take less 10 mins!

Instant tents require minimal setup, and sometimes just spring open with no much additional work needed.

When you spend less time to set up the tent, you can have more time to enjoy other things.

For your convenience, we’ve found the best instant tents for camping.

Read on!

Quick Summary:

  • If you want your tent to be protected from rain all over, then the Coleman 8-person tent is the best for you. This tent has adequate waterproofing on the walls, roof, and floor.
  • If you want more wind protection, then try the Zomake instant tent. It’s both water and windproof and a very well-ventilated product.
  • For those who travel with more people, the Mobihome 6-person tent is a right choice. Although it’s wider than it is tall, there’s less room for standing.

Best Instant Tents for Camping: Our Picks

1. Coleman 8 Person Family Instant Tent

The Coleman 8 person instant tent is easy to set up and has a big space for family and group camping. It can be set up in 2 mins.

Regarding the rainy weather, this tent is a reliable one. Coleman uses its own patented WeatherTec technology.

The floors are welded shut, and the seams are all inverted to prevent water from seeping in. So this makes it a good tent for use in the rain and unfavorable conditions.

However, this Coleman tent does not have a very rigid structure. So heavy winds can easily uproot it. Aside from that, the windows and doors are all screened.

What We Like:

  • Spacious and cozy. You can put 2 queen-size airbeds in it.
  • Easy to set up in 2 mins
  • Very relaible in the rainy days and keep you dry

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not good against strong winds.

2. ZOMAKE Instant Tents For Camping

As we mention just now, Coleman 8 person instant tent is not very stable in the strong wind. While Zomake’s instant tent is a good choice if you’re looking for protection against strong winds.

The Zomake tent uses 6 windproof-ropes and 10 tent-stakes made out of steel. It means that your tent won’t fly away or rip in torrential rain.

Aside from that, it has great ventilation as well. The tent features two enormous doors that can be rolled up to allow some fresh air in. You’ll get a huge amount of space inside the tent.

Setting up of this tent is automatic, even a 10 years old boy can set it up.

The size of it is for up to 4 people. So if you don’t need a huge family tent, this one is a great choice. Good size, quick set up and withstand the hard wind.

What We Like:

  • Best against strong winds.
  • Highlyventilation with 2 doors.
  • Super easy set up system

What We Don’t Like:

  • A little bit crowed for 4 people if you need a large gear space.

3. Mobihome 6 Person Tent

The Mobihome, 6 person tent, is recommended for use when you’re traveling with multiple friends.

As its hub design and quick set up system, you can set up the tent by youself in 2 mins.

It has an area of about 75 square feet, with four windows and a single door. This tent comes with a rainfly to protect it from the rain. It’s reliable tent for the rainy weather.

Tt’s also a good choice for its wide capacity. If you go a family trip with 3 kids, it covers you.

For the ventilation, It’s good too! The roof and windows have a micro-mesh cover to allow for ventilation and ward off bugs.

What We Like:

  • Highly ventilated interior.
  • A great choice for family trips.
  • Shielded from rain.
  • Easy to carry and pack.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The pole is steel, not as strong as fiberglass.

Best Instant Tent for Camping: What to Look For


How big the space you need is one thing that you have to know. It determins how big you should go.

It’s a no-brainer that a 6-person is to be used for 6 people only. However, there are a lot of things people overlook. For instance, the height of the tent.

Some tents may not allow a lot of standing space while having a lot of surface area. As much as 8 feet in height is preferred.

Find the right size first and then go to check other features.


The best fabric for waterproofing is polyester or oxford fabric. Many tents come with a rainfly to provide additional protection from the rain.

In particular, check the floor for waterproofing, as many manufacturers overlook that.

Aside from that, a roof that can intercept UV light is also a good choice.

Most tent poles are made of plastic or fiberglass, so they don’t hold against a strong wind.

Always check the material of the frame.

Setup Procedure

Lastly, understand how the setup works.

Instant tents are weaker and costlier, so they should at least be instant. They usually come with a quick set up syste.

While for the first time set up, it could take a little bit longer time than the product claimed.

So read the user’s manual if it’s published online, and see precisely how instant the tent is. Get to know the structure of it can also help you set up the tent correctly.

If you are satisfied with the setup procedure, then continue with the purchase.

Different Types of Instant Tent: Cabin Tent Vs. Dome Tent

There are two types of instant tents: cabin and dome-shaped.

Cabin tents are taller than dome tents and require much more labor when setting up. They have telescopic poles which lock into place easily.

Dome tents, on the other hand, are shorter and require minimal setup. Simply pull the tent out of the bag and let it unravel on its own.

Dome tents are generally better for adding a rainfly and for single-person use.

Cabin tents are better in case you want more standing space and have a large family.

Addtional Tips

Instant tents require waterproofing more urgently than any other tent type.

Most aren’t made to last in extreme conditions so that waterproofing can increase their resistance.

Mostly, waterproofing is done either by spraying all over the fabric or using a sealant on the seams.

Here’s an informative video demonstrating the procedure.

Final Words

Instant tents add ease to your camping life. They are highly recommended if you need a quick camping option.

With those options we found for you, you can enjoy the instant set up, keep dry and large space for family camping.

So have fun on your adventure!

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