15 Best Food to Bring for Camping in 2022

Camping is a fun time that some of us enjoy alone while others prefer to go with family and friends.

Either way, you need to have something to eat.

Unless you are planning to spend your time playing around “Man vs Wild” you need to bring along some food items on your trip.

If you are curious about the staples of camping without which you might not get the real experience of this activity, this guide will help you sort things out.

So keep reading to find everything you need to know what is the best food to bring for camping!

1. Dehydrated foods

Dehydrated foods are on top of the list for many campers, and there are different brands to choose from.

You can go with any, but make sure that you understand what quality the brand offers.

These brands have a wide variety to offer, and they are very delicious too.

If you find the technicalities associated with cooking different things challenging to handle, you can try out these foods.

2. Instant noodles, pasta, and Mac-&-Cheese

Instant cup noodles and mac & cheese are some of the quickest items to cook.

They are indeed delicious that you can bring along on camping.

You need hot water to make both of these.

Simple yet very tasty, any pasta is a handy item in the food collection for camping.

You can always add seasoning and a few spices to your food for some extra flavor.

3. Dried fruits and nuts

If you are looking for some protein boost while enjoying the outdoors, you can snack on nuts and dried fruits.

A trail mix is always a fun activity when you are preparing for your trip.

Dried fruits and nuts are very lightweight to carry and extremely simple yet yummy to eat.

4. Different sandwich materials

Make sure that you pack several sandwich-making materials such as jam, jellies, peanut butter, cheese, cream, mayo, or any other sauces and condiments.

These sandwiches are very easy to make, and you can customize them according to your taste and preferences.

5. S’ more materials

If you haven’t tried making s’ mores on your camping trips, you haven’t enjoyed camping properly.

You need to try it out and bring the required materials to make it according to your preferences and liking.

Nutella, cream, and some crackers or cookies will work like a charm together, and eating them near a campfire would be something that you will remember for a long time.

6. Beef jerky

Another rich in protein food that you can bring along on camping is the good old beef jerky.

It can quickly satisfy your hunger, and it is very easy to pack.

It’s not going to spoil, and you don’t have to deal with any messy preparations and cleanups.

7. Instant tea bags and coffee packets

If a cup of coffee is more than enough for you in a day, then you need to bring along some coffee sachets on your trip.

These tea bags and coffee packets are very easy to use because you only need to add hot water.

You don’t have to deal with any trash, and you don’t have to carry much weight either.

8. Frozen fruits

Another tasty thing to munch on while camping is different kinds of frozen fruits, grapes, blueberries, and watermelon in particular.

Just doing camping doesn’t mean that you only need to eat meat and nuts and nothing else.

You can indeed treat yourself with frozen fruits as well, especially when the weather is warm.

9. Bagels

Who doesn’t love bagels?

These bagels are very easy to pack, they are tasty, and of course, they are versatile too.

You can quickly cook them or make any breakfast sandwich.

If you don’t want to get too creative, then you can always smoothen them with cream cheese and have fun.

Bagels are great for long hikes because they are rich in carbohydrates.

10. Halloumi

Halloumi is a firm kind of cheese made of sheep’s milk, and if you keep it in a cool bag, it will go well.

This cheese has a very high melting point, and you can cook its chunks or slices that have a meaty texture.

You can grill it or skewer it on a campfire. You can also make salads or straps using it.

11. Flatbreads

And speaking of wraps, how can we forget flatbreads. These flatbreads are very easy to pack.

You can use them to make small pizzas and even add some hummus.

You may use cheese and tomato toppings to enhance its taste.

Mexican styles quesadillas with lemon and chicken, a possibility as well.

You can add anything to these tortillas and have a quick snack anywhere anytime.

12. Chorizo

Before you go on your trip, make sure that you find yourself a nice and juicy Spanish sausage. It is cured and ready to consume and you can slice it up and eat it as a snack.

You can also make a range of different recipes using it. It’s a perfect thing to have in your rucksack when you are out on the frontier.

13. Sardines or any tinned fish

All tinned fish, especially sardines, are excellent for camping.

The chunky fillets seem like a whole meal, and they are packed full of flavors.

You can always use other canned foods to work with them for a perfect supper out under the stars.

14. Rice pouches

Rice is one of the more versatile grains because they serve to be the foundation of many different recipes.

You can go with the cooked or boiled rice ready to be consumed in pouches as they are portable and lightweight to carry.

You can convert your meal to plastic pallets in no time.

15. Eggs

You might have to be very careful with them, but eggs can serve you in various ways because you can cook many different recipes with them.

You can use them as fillings, bind under ingredients with them, fry them, boil them, cook them, use them just the way you like.

Final Word

There are so many sumptuous food options that you can try.

We would advise you to go with canned foods as they are easy to pack and portable. Ready-to-eat meals are good options too.

The items mentioned above won’t take much space in your baggage, but you will surely make some good food with them on any given day.

Just make sure that whenever you go for canned foods, choose your brand wisely, and go through different reviews online only to be sure.

When you are out camping, refrigeration is something that won’t be available, so make sure to take a cool box and different ice packs with you to keep the food fresh.

Plus, when you are heating something, you need to be 100% sure that it is piping hot through to the core.

This way, you can be sure that the food you are consuming is entirely safe to eat and won’t develop any health issues when you should have fun with your loved ones.

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