Best 4 Person Tent for Camping in 2021

This is a review of the best 4-person tents for camping.

Going out camping with your crews and you have to share a tent with them. The 4 person tent has to be comfortable, safe and has enough space for 4 people and gears.

That’s why I’ve paid close attention to the different four-person tents that are out there and have tried a lot of them out.  

I found the Kelty Late Start tent to be the best 4-person tent for a comfortable night far out on the trail. 

The Kelty Late Start is jam-packed with features and lightweight durability that are unmatched by other tents on the market. It’s very durable and designed for ultimate lifespan.

This tent sets up quickly and there’s no hassle carrying it deep into the backcountry when you’re wanting to go on a long trip with friends. 

The Kelty Late Start has a huge amount of space to sleep comfortably with everyone in there at once.

It’s the perfect choice for getting your family into longer hikes because you can easily distribute the 7 pounds out amongst four different people.

If this is not for you, keep reading! I have picked other great tents to satisfy different needs.

Best 4 Person Tents: Our Picks

1. Kelty Late Start 4 Person Backpacking Tent – Our Top Pick

Kelty Late Start is the upgraded version of Kelty Salida, it is the top pick for those looking to head a bit further out into the woods overnight.

It’s relatively lightweight and you can split that weight up between everyone that you’re hiking with.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t durable though. The 68D polyester and 40D mesh are designed to hold up in severe conditions.

The tent uses a freestanding design that’s simple to set up and take down. You don’t need any trekking poles or trees because you get the two aluminum poles to hold the tent up.

This one is an easy setup and anyone in the family will be able to manage it.

Overall, this tent has everything simple that you’re looking for, and doesn’t really have any bells or whistles to weigh it down. 


  • 68 Denier Polyester and 40 Denier Mesh construction
  • Ground cloth for additional protection from water
  • Gear loft for extra storage
  • Freestanding design with 2 aluminum poles


  • Relatively lightweight and easy to split up between multiple hikers
  • Have good protection with durable fabric for a long lifespan
  • Plenty of storage space with easy access to things like your headlamp at night
  • Setup is a breeze after a long day

2. Teton Sport Mountain Ultra 4 Person Tent – Best for Harsh Weather

Teton Sport Mountain 4-person tent is a great option for you to head out even in tough weather because it’s going to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable.

When it’s not raining you can enjoy the full mesh dome and watch the stars glide by with your family and friends. 

The Mountain Ultra Tent by Teton also comes with a waterproof rainfly and also features a 360-degree ventilation system. Y

ou won’t feel hot in the tent, no matter how warm or humid it gets outside.

It has a simple, lightweight construction and is straightforward to assemble.

It’s a great choice for families or groups of friends that want to get out and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather. 


  • Simple to set up and take down
  • Full dome mesh for stargazing
  • Waterproof rainfly and vestibules


  • Create an experience the whole family will remember
  • Stay dry throughout the night and don’t let the rain ruin your trip

3. Weanas Backpacking 4 Person Tent – Best on a Budget

If you are looking for a 4-person tent that doesn’t break your budget, then this option is the right one for you to consider.

This tent has double layers, so you get maximum protection from elements. It also features aluminum rods, so you don’t have to carry much weight on your back.

This tent is a nice choice when you aren’t fully committed to camping.

You get a comfortable way to try it out and see if you like it before investing in a more expensive tent. 

This will keep you comfortable with two different doors and exterior vestibules to protect your gear overnight.

It’s made to keep you cool in the summer, but dry when those summer storms approach.

Overall, I see it as a great tent to try things out with. 


  • Four different colors are available
  • Extremely durable
  • Two doors with vestibules on each side
  • Two closeable ventilation skylights
  • 4000mm waterproof index


  • Stay dry and comfortable in bad weather
  • Try out camping and see if you like it before spending a lot of money
  • Easy to set up with lightweight aluminum poles

4. Alps Taurus Tent – Best Premium Tent

The Taurus tent by the Alps is a high-quality tent designed to withstand tough weather conditions.

It features fiberglass pole construction that makes the tent lightweight yet durable.

The two-pole design of this tent makes setting up this tent easy and simple. It’s made for everyone to fit comfortably and sit up straight with a height of 52 inches. 

This one is going to last you a long time as it’s resistant to water and UV damage.

You have a ton of ventilation with the mesh roof and two different entryways equipped with zippered windows.

Close the tent up on colder nights and trap the warmth, or let it go when things get too hot.

This one is a well-made and durable tent that will keep you happy while sleeping out under the stars or the storm clouds. 


  • Durable construction with water and UV resistant materials
  • Fiberglass poles are lightweight but strong
  • Zipper and mesh storage available


  • Buy a tent that will last a long time
  • Get ventilation when you need it and warmth when you want it
  • Sleep comfortably with tons of space

Best 4 Person Tent: Buying Guide


Make the right choice for the materials of your tent according to the climate in which you will be camping.

If there will be wet weather, then you need a tent that provides proper moisture control.

In rainy conditions, you will need a ground cloth to keep the tent dry from underneath.

For cold climates, you will need thicker materials to keep the chills outside of your tent.

Similarly, in hot weather, thinner, lightweight materials are suitable.


Your tent needs to support proper airflow, whether you are in it or outside. You don’t want to feel congested inside your tent when everyone else is with you at night.

So the materials need to be highly breathable, and there need to be some doors and windows that you can zip and unzip when you need to control the airflow.


Many 4-person tents are pretty heavy, and if you are going for a thicker material, then this will especially be the case.

Now, if you are camping or RVing, then this might not be an issue.

However, if you are hiking, then carrying a heavyweight tent will be a severe issue on those long walks.

So make the right choice accordingly.

Gear Storage

If you want to make the most of your tents, then you will need some extra storage where you can put all your gear.

You don’t want your gear out in the open at the mercy of the weather and animals. And having four people in your tent will make it difficult for you to store your gear inside too.

So you need some vestibules, pockets, and lofts.

Final Words

Hopefully, you can check out these tents and find one that suits your needs. 

Again, I have to say that I think the Kelty Late Starter tent is the best four-person tent out there. It’s got everything you need, but nothing more.

Its simplicity and packability make you can go deep into the backcountry with it and really get the full experience of sleeping outdoors.

You are about to create a stash of memories for your family or your friends. So make a purchase, and get outside. Adventurers are waiting for you.

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