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Hey, welcome to TheCampCorner.com!

My name is Phin Teb, and I’m the founder of TheCampCorner.com.

Living in the Kingdom of Wonder, I’m a life skill teacher in an NGO, and a camper in the woods.

Camping is my passion and I did many different camping trips in my free time. Camping with friends, family, and youth groups, all of those times are great memories in my life.

From those camping trips, I mastered different camping skills like making fire, dig the cooking pit, cook in the wild, set up tents, and many more.

The camping skills I learned were not only from my experience but also from different blogs and books. As I’m also love sharing, so I build this blog with my team to share what I know about camping and also help more campers to find great camping gear!

I believe everyone can enjoy camping. Hope my blog helps you!

What Does TheCampCorner About?

TheCampCorner is a site dedicating to provide the camping information that helps you camp easier and find the best campig gear. Here, you can find useful camping tips and guides, survival skills, and in-depth reviews of different camping gears.

How Do We Create Content?

Behind my site, I also have a team working with me. We are all outdoor lovers and experienced camping enthusiasts.

To provide accurate and honest information, my team and I are committed to doing comprehensive and in-depth research, also try out as much as we can for the recommended camping gear.

All of these are for making sure that you can trust our content to plan your camps and make the right purchase decisions.

Ian Standard


Ian’s career started in outdoor education, teaching others to understand the outdoors and work with it. While in wilderness therapy, Ian began to teach primitive survival skills like bowdrilling, shelters, and trap setting.

Ian has guided in some of the most demanding environments North America has to offer and has learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. 

He lives in his homemade truck camper with his partner and puppy throughout the US. 

Revenue Disclosure

TheCampCorner is a fully reader-supported site. We don’t take sponsorships from any gear companies.

Our site joined affiliate programs, which enable us to earn a small amount of commission.

When you purchase from the listed items on our sites, we can get a commission, while there’s no additional cost on you. The commission will keep our website and our team working continually and covers other expenses.

Besides this, I’m committed to taking 10% out of the net income to support local NGOs, churches, or the people who is in need in Cambodia.

I’m excited to start this journey with you. Thanks for checking out my site. If you have any questions, please drop me an email.

Happy camping and enjoy life!